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Virtual Economy

Sep 5, 2021

It’s our 100th episode! Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported us! This week: The graded collectible game bubble, the scar of Cyberpunk 2077’s failed launch, China’s tightened youth gaming restrictions, and more.

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  • [00:07:05] - What the heck is going on with video game auctions?
  • [00:36:11] - Apple makes more concessions for App Store payment processing
  • [00:39:36] - Paradox CEO Ebba Ljungerud steps down over corporate strategy differences
  • [00:46:05] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:57:37] - Quick Hits
  • [01:14:38] - CDProjekt Half-Year earnings stumble on Cyberpunk 2077 failure
  • [01:24:35] - Game company charged with running a Ponzi scheme
  • [01:31:07] - China’s new gaming regulations limit minors to three hours or play per week
  • [01:39:25] - How did #ADayOffTwitch impact the streaming platform?