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Virtual Economy

Sep 28, 2021

Activision Blizzard is pissing off all the wrong people, including government regulatory agencies. Also: Twitch covers its butt with the music industry, high fashion comes to Fortnite, and Apple shuts down Epic’s hope of recovering its developer accounts and getting Fortnite back on the App Store.

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  • [00:01:34] - Twitch covers its butt in deal with NMPA
  • [00:11:44] - Activision gets sued by SEC, but gets off easy with EEOC
  • [00:35:58] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:40:23] - Quick Hits
  • [00:49:41] - Fortnite x Balenciaga - High Fashion Gets in the Game
  • [01:01:32] - This Week’s FAFO Award: Epic Games