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Virtual Economy

Oct 16, 2021

This week, we’re talking about big corporations, performative allyship, and why they aren’t your friends. Yes, that social media account is funny and has a rainbow version of their logo. No, the executives often don’t know or care about it. On this episode, we discussed Twitch, MercurySteam, the latest on the Activision Blizzard lawsuits, and trouble at Paradox.

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  • [00:01:51] - Twitch got hacked, but at least we have tools to slow down hate raids now
  • [00:25:37] - Bungie takes a stand for accessibility and diversity
  • [00:37:09] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:54:30] - Quick Hits
  • [01:11:29] - Activision Blizzard update: EEOC and DFEH at war
  • [01:23:21] - Paradox shift strategy, and more reports of toxicity emerge