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Virtual Economy

Nov 22, 2021

Excellent reporting from the Wall Street Journal and others have further exposed Activision’s c-suite crisis, as Microsoft and Sony call Bobby Kotick to account. Also: Embracer Group, Paradox, and Thunderful earnings and a FAFO award!

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Content Warning from 51:01 through 01:19:39: During the Activision update, we discuss new reporting that deals with sexual assault.


  • [00:02:47] - Embracer Group Q2 2021 Earnings
  • [00:10:44] - Paradox Earnings for Q3 2021
  • [00:18:55] - Thunderful Group earnings for Q3 2021
  • [00:21:36] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:34:21] - Quick Hits
  • [00:51:01] - Activision Update
  • [01:19:39] - FAFO Award