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Virtual Economy

Apr 28, 2024

The Embracer Group name is going away, splitting its mega-conglomerate into three in an attempt to move on from its destructive legacy. But with Lars Wingefors sticking around to lead the holding company, our expectations are tempered. Also: Meta loses billions more as it tries to become the Windows of MR and earnings season is here!

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  • [00:01:54] - Embracer Group Splits Into Three Pieces
  • [00:32:32] - Meta MR Losses Mount
  • [00:42:03] - Paradox Q1 FY24 Earnings
  • [00:44:16] - Microsoft Q3 FY24 Earnings
  • [00:49:10] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:53:08] - Quick Hits
  • [01:01:27] - Labor Report