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Virtual Economy

May 28, 2024

Atari has finally driven its mortal enemy, Intellivision, and heard the lamentations of its pixels. Also: So. Many. Earnings. We’re covering Sony, Square Enix, Ubisoft, Take-Two, and Embracer. Also, a number of new studios were founded as the labor winter trudges on.

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  • [00:02:32] - Sony Q4 and full year FY23 Earnings
  • [00:17:46] - Square Enix Q4 and full year FY24 Earnings
  • [00:25:29] - Ubisoft Q4 and full year FY24 Earnings
  • [00:31:04] - Take-Two Q4 and full year FY24 Earnings
  • [00:42:40] - Embracer Group Q4 and full year FY24 Earnings
  • [00:47:13] - Investment Interlude
  • [00:59:33] - Quick Hits
  • [01:04:26] - Labor Report
  • [01:08:25] - FAFO



Note: The Suez Crisis actually took place in 1956, not in 1952. Now, I bet you're wondering why this note is here. GUESS YOU'LL HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE SHOW, FRIEND!