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Virtual Economy

May 21, 2020

You get a lawsuit. YOU get a lawsuit. EVERYBODY gets a lawsuit. Ubisoft is suing Apple and Google. Nintendo is going after Switch hackers. G2A is finally paying up for selling stolen keys (but still tries to claim victory). Mike and Manda give you everything you need to know as everyone is headed to court. Except us. Please don’t sue us.

Starbreeze attempts to stop Q2 FY19 bleeding with one-time revenue injections:

Ubisoft sues Apple and Google for selling a Rainbow Six Siege Clone (Engadget):

Ejoy announces Area F2 service closure:

The Culling is keeping its pay-to-play system, but Xaviant regrets how it was announced (PC Gamer):

Nintendo files lawsuits in crackdown against Switch hackers (Polygon):

G2A's recent comments and business practices put itself at odds with developers, media (GameDaily):

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