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Virtual Economy

Dec 19, 2020

CD Projekt has botched Cyberpunk’s launch to get it out the door in 2020. The follow-up has included empty refund promises and throwing platform partners under the bus. We discuss the financial reasons behind the rush and the impact the failures have had on the share price and company value.


  • [00:02:11] CD Projekt Red’s pattern of gaslighting and deception around Cyberpunk 2077
  • [1:03:00] Devotion announced and then immediately canceled for GOG
  • [01:09:45] Keywords Studios acquisitions
  • [01:11:35] Quick Hits
  • [01:19:05] EA outbids Take-Two for Codemasters
  • [01:23:15] Discord raises another $100 million
  • [01:27:40] Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo team up for safer gaming