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Virtual Economy

Feb 26, 2022

Let’s talk about Elden Ring! So… which class did you roll? Have you found any good weapons? Why is that angry giant shouting at me?! Oh wait… uh… shoot… news… um… OKAY! 

Call of Duty hits some bumps, Nintendo makes an acquisition, Paradox and EG7 earnings, and how YOU can help fight discrimination in Texas...

Feb 21, 2022

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the 3DS and Wii U eShops… but what about all that lost software? Also: Microsoft moved fast to acquire Activision when stocks tanked, Team17 promises change, Paradox has hard work ahead, and the NLRB hears arguments on Raven QA unionization.

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Feb 18, 2022

Earnings season continues! In this episode, we breakdown Sega, Remedy, Zynga, Roblox, Starbreeze, and Embracer Group’s latest earnings.

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  • [00:01:25] - Sega
  • [00:07:02] - Remedy
  • [00:10:31] - Zynga
  • [00:19:54] - Roblox
  • [00:32:34] -...

Feb 13, 2022

Team17’s decision to dabble in NFTs has empowered employees to talk about the company’s history of workplace problems. Also: Trouble at Intellivision, Microsoft gets ahead of regulation, and SPACs run into problems…

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Feb 8, 2022

It's the first bonus earnings episode of the quarter. On this show: Microsoft (and Activision), Capcom, Sony (and Bungie), EA, Nintendo, Unity, Square Enix, and Take-Two. WHEW!

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