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Virtual Economy

Mar 6, 2021

The legal fight between Frogwares and Nacon over The Sinking City is getting ugly with allegations of theft and hacking. Also: Reports of the mythical Switch Pro resurface, Epic adds another family-friendly game to its roster, Twitch releases its first transparency report, more.


  • [00:00:45] - Epic purchases Fall Guys maker Tonic Games
  • [00:05:30] - Zynga acquires Torchlight III developer Echtra Games
  • [00:07:13] - Sony Interactive announces partnerships to support Black community
  • [00:08:48] - Twitch’s first transparency report
  • [00:17:33] - Quick Hits
  • [00:30:47] - Los Angeles confirms E3 2021 will not be a live event
  • [00:34:09] - EA delays Need for Speed to support Battlefield, also a win in court
  • [00:40:33] - New details about the rumored Switch Pro surface
  • [00:47:24] - Frogwares and Nacon’s legal fight gets messier